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XP Deus

XP launches the worlds first wireless detector ...and the first fully telescopic S-shaped stem!

New Technology!

A mark of technological breakthrough this is a real innovation in metal detector design. Its patented architecture is based on three elements, a Coil, a Remote Control and a set of Audio Headphones, which are unique in that they communicate with each other via a digital radio link.

Very light and compact!

This has been achieved by the incorporation of components developed for leading-edge technologies. The search coil contains the essential components for processing the signals, which no longer need to be conveyed via a wire link but are digitised and analysed directly at source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit, which greatly improves the quality of signal acquisition. This circuit, which is integrated in the detection head, processes the information and sends it to the headphones and remote control in real time via a radio link.

Turn off the remote control and DEUS continues to work!

The headphones can control the detector alone, enabling you to go detecting with an even more portable configuration (just 875g). In the absence of the remote control, the headphones enable you to adjust all the main detection settings: Sensitivity, Discrimination, Ground Balance, Frequency (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz), Multi-Tones, etc., and recall programmes previously created with the remote control!

Fold away in just 5 seconds!

Change the coil in an instant! This new patented stem can be stored away instantly and is much easier to handle than a straight stem with an integral handle. It is particularly comfortable to use because of its shaped rubber handle and improved operating angle.

  • Wireless detector
  • Fully telescopic S-shaped stem
  • Very Compact
  • One click change the frequency
  • Switch off the remote control and Deus keeps working
  • Fast
  • Change Coil in an instant
  • Switch off the remote control and Deus keeps working
  • Many advanced functions
  • Extended discrimination range, with even greater precision for iron
  • Pre-configured factory programmes (to get started quickly) and memory of personal programmes


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