Evergreen Detectors

XP ADX 250

Simplicity with optimal performances!
New 9” coil made with carbon fibre including a newly designed coil cover

• Very resistant cable, conceived to resist to movements constraints

• XP Connector top of the range, completely waterproof

• Light and robust ABS electronic box . For a maximum comfort, the box is worn hip mounted (Hip mount bag provided). It can also be fixed under the armrest.

• Light detector and perfectly balanced

• Unbreakable armrest.

• 3 parts Shaft

• Fibreglass lower stem

• New versatile hip mount bag doubling as a control box cover

This evolution of the ADX200 XP Detector boasts a completely new electronic circuit, having new functions such as :

• The wireless headphone : the transmitter is now integrated on the circuit boards of these four new detectors. It has been designed with two switch able channels. A FREQ SHIFT switch on the front of the detectors enables the two output channels to be toggled quickly and easily: CH 1 or CH 2.

• Changing frequency : a new switch (FREQ SHIFT) enables the detection frequency (Freq. 1 or Freq. 2) to be set to reduce any interference from other XP devices being used nearby.

• New analogical filters improving the detection of targets in iron infested areas. The masking circle generated by the iron is greatly reduced. Targets of interest in iron infested areas can therefore be detected more easily, thus enabling sweeping operations to be carried out more quickly.

• Improved gradation of the sensitivity settings, which are now far more precise. Attention to detail to the range of sensitivity settings, enabling greater fine-tuning in your adjustments giving you the easiest possible sensitivity adjustments.

Frequency : 4,6 Khz

  • Mode : Motion (All metal + discrimination)
  • Microprocessor analysis of signals
  • Discrimination : Adjustable on two levels (D1-D2)
  • Ground Balance : Automatic.
  • Wireless headphone transmitter (new 2 channel version) already built into the circuit boards of these four new detectors.
  • New FREQ SHIFT switch on the front of the detectors to reduce any interference from other XP machines being used nearby.
  • - Change the channel of the Wireless headphone (ch1/ch2)
  • - Change the frequency of the detector (Freq 1/ Freq 2)
  • Power : 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA or rechargeable NiMh pack.
  • Battery life : alkaline : 45 hours - Battery : 45 hours (2300 mAh NiMh)
  • Battery low alert

XP ADX 250



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