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The Vista RG750 is a professional high end motion VLF metal detector with an outstanding performance in all soil conditions. Well balanced and lightweight it is one of the most comfortable detectors on the market. It operates at 8.6 kHz giving smooth performance on all target sizes and metal types. Discrimination is easy to adjust and will reject iron at a low discrimination setting without loosing any depth. Get ready to dig very deep with this detector as it pulls up coins and artefacts from a staggering depth!


  • 8.6kHz working frequency
  • Ground Reject Control
  • 10.5" DD Widescan Coil
  • Weight: 1.4kg (with batteries)
  • 1/4" Headphone Socket
  • Battery Life 30 Hours Continuous Use
  • LED Low Battery Light Indicator
  • 2 year warranty on control box, 1 year on search head
  • Upper, Middle and Lower Stem Construction

Medieval Silver Coin (Philip & Mary 1553) Found with the Vista RG750 on Sunday 7th March 2010


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