Teknetics T²

Teknetics T²

This latest machine from Teknetics boasts latest technology representing leading edge metal detector engineering. A high performance professional machine, it's combination of lightweight and balance provide comfort unmatched by any other detector in it's price range. Popular uses include coinshooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting.

The T² is amongst the lightest and best balanced of all high performance metal detectors, so you can hold and swing it almost effortlessly. The arm rest position is adjustable to fit your arm. The grip is durable high-friction foam elastomer, comfortable in any kind of weather.

Teknetiks T2 Features:

  • Large LCD Screen with Target Identification Display Straightforward Menu-Driven User Interface, Menu System Is Always Visible
  • Intuitive User Interface Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Double-Filter Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas
  • Ground Cancellation: Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB™ Instant Ground Cancellation, Manual Ground Cancellation Option
  • Dual-function Trigger Switch: Pull for accurate target pinpointing, Push to cancel ground mineral interference
  • Continuous Ground Monitor Bar-Graph Readout of Ground Mineralization
  • Waterproof 11-inch Open-Frame Bi-Axial™ Search Coil Handles the Highest Mineralization Soil, Great for Salt Water Beaches, Super Sensitive - Detect coins to 15 inches
  • Low Operating Cost - More than 40 hrs with 4-AA Batteries
  • Lightweight: 3.6lbs with batteries

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