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Minelab Sovereign GT

NOW featuring “ACCU-TRAK” DIGITAL Ground Tracking!

The Sovereign GT does it all! Turn it on, set the controls and start searching for coins and treasures. Only Minelab technology makes it this easy! Whatever you’re looking for, Minelab’s Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need.

Packed with features including 17 frequencies, automatic Ground Tracking, Iron Mask (on/off), manual & automatic sensitivity, 2-band Noise Cancel and much more. The on-board computer chip handles all the work so you can concentrate on what you want - more good targets.

The Tornado TM Coil system is lightweight, ultra tough, waterproof and non-buoyant. It is ideal for anywhere you want to use it. The Tornado coil has its own on-board circuitry adding power and depth to this outstanding detector. Whatever you're looking for, Minelab's Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need. Discrimination circuitry lets you eliminate signals from unwanted trash, while the Iron Mask enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to ferrous junk.

The Sovereign GT discriminates between good targets and unwanted trash with astonishing depth and can be use from the park or building site to the sandy beach or the gold fields.

Minelab's BBS Technology automatically transmits 17 separate frequencies over a range from 1.5khz to 25khz. This means you have more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.

  • All-terrain ready with NEW “ACCU-TRAK” Digital Ground Balance featuring selectable Fixed and Automatic Tracking options.
  • Maximized Depth and Sensitivity- even in mineralized soils with the NEW Ground Tracking All Metal Mode!
  • Zero in on your targets with the NEW Selectable Pinpoint Mode.
  • Incredible Depth on targets that old fashioned VLF detectors just don’t see!
  • Find the good targets next to trash with the NEW IRON MASK mode!
  • You pick the mode that best suits you with the NEW Silent Search/Threshold switch.
  • Hunt in the clearest channel available with the 2-Band Noise Cancel switch.
  • Advanced Discrimination and Notch Filtering for the elimination of trash targets!
  • Hunt LONGER and with more comfort with the GT’s NEW balanced deluxe shaft!
  • Ready for Rivers, Lakes and the Beach TOO! with the Waterproof 10” TORNADO coil for wading shallow water!


The Sovereign GT is packed with features including Multiple operating frequencies, ACCU-TRAK Ground Balance, Iron Mask, Manual or Auto Sensitivity, 2 Band Noise Cancel and more. The on-board computer chip handles all the work so you can concentrate on what you want - MORE TREASURE!


The "Tornado" coil system is Slimline, indestructible and waterproof. The Tornado coil has its own on-board transmit circuitry which adds power and depth to this incredible detector.


You can rear-mount, centre-mount AND hip mount the Sovereign GT to fit your hunting style... and remember, the coil is submersible!

TECHNOLOGY: Patented (BBS) Broad Band Spectrum

Compare the performance of the Sovereign GT to ANY other brand's so called "top of the line" detector and you'll agree there is no comparison. Better yet, ask someone who owns one!


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