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Golden Mask 3+ On the Beach!

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On the last weekend of July myself and a couple of friends decided to spend a few hours on Sunday beach detecting. Personally I have done very little beach detecting as I couldn't be further away from the coast living in South Shropshire but due to the lack of available ground to detect on locally we headed West for the Welsh Coast. We met on Saturday night at Barmouth and after a couple of beers and a Chinese we slept in our cars on the sea front. At 7:30 we were out detecting on the beach. One of my friends was using an Explorer SE, the other a C-Scope Newforce R1 and I was using the new GM 3+ Power. We detected various parts of the beach and I found that the best finds were coming up just at the point where the sand was wet amongst seaweed. Closer to dry sand brought up junk and not many coins but I suspect that this beach is detected regularly by other detectorists as we saw two while we were there. One guy had a Garrett and another had a C-Scope. My friends found between them during the morning less than £5, in total I found over £11 in coins and a decent watch which looks new and still works! so I believe I had the best machine on the day. I was particularly impressed with the depth that it was finding coins at which is probably why I was outperforming the other guys. After a while I adjusted the GM3+ so that it ignored ring pull tabs but still gave a good signal for coins, this speeded up my finds rate. We continued after lunch for about an hour but as much as I enjoyed finding pound coins I soon got bored and was keen to get back to the fields for more ancient discoveries.

Overall the GM3+ Power was excellent on the beach and I can highly recommend this powerful machine to anyone contemplating some beach work.

Is this the most powerful detector available today? I think so...

The watch found at 14" buried in sand but still working!

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