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Golden King Deep Processor Radar

Golden King Deep Processor Radar, you haven’t seen or heard anything like this new generation radar, the most advanced electromagnetic detection system ever produced. Golden King Deep Processor radar was produced using the ARM9 micro-processing technology. Combining a non-volatile memory 21,800 times larger than ordinary systems, the capability to process 150 times more samples and 210 times as fast, it is a first in the world being the only system to process images of its targets in real-time as they are discovered.

Golden King Deep Processor Radar employs a very advanced software making use of artificial intelligence algorithms on a LINUX operating system. The software interprets the structure of the target signal and other data similar to the way human logic operates.

The smart detection head technology provides all the information about your target and about the field being scanned –including depth- with one press of a button on the results screen. Smart detection heads track and record user actions so that user errors which might negatively affect end results aren’t taken into consideration.

Smart Detection Heads

Standard Detection Head

This detection head, which is specially designed for searches from 0 to 5 meters with extremely successful results in high-definition, is also designed to obtain the most accurate results from the surface. Its state-of-the-art metal sorting capability, flawless definition of targets and the ability to search without the valueless metals in sight will turn your searches into a pleasure.

Deep Detection Head

Golden King Deep Processor Radar is designed for deep searches. The general detection head incorporates a unique microprocessor which analyzes signals within a range of 5 meters with ease and reports results. With a size of 100X60 cm, the deep detection head will allow you to get results from as deep as 8 meters. Deep detection head’s metal type capability is sharper and more precise than any other head.

Real-time 3D Results Screen

Golden King Deep Processor Radar is the first system in the world that can process signals in real time 3D colour graphics. It is a system that nobody has seen or even imagined before. It is incomparable in features and capabilities to earlier detector systems, many times more powerful than the ordinary detectors with its technology and software. Its 32 bytes processor is 25 times faster than the processes which have been used until today. Its 128 RAM memory is 29,127 times larger than those being used on detectors systems (4, 5 KB) and its non-volatile memory (CPU) is 21,800 times much more than the previous systems. This device brings together the most advanced technology of our day.


Golden King Deep Processor Radar’s 3D results screen has a signal processing system, a novel breakthrough in the industry. This system doesn’t call images from a pre-installed library like the other 3D systems do, but processes signals in real-time and returns as a 3D graphic image. Results can be rotated and then saved for further analyses. Golden King Deep Processor Radar analyzes the signals in real-time and processes these into graphic images without retrieving any images from its memory; the user can then view the image of the object from all angles.

Below are image cavity sample analysis. These structures are unique and cavities may occur next to each other if more than one is detected. Using our system you will be able to analyze target signals in unprecedented detail. While analyzing one cavity, or multiple cavities, or metals within a cavity, you will be able to retrieve related size details and metal type values of your targets, images can be rotated in all directions. Many people in the world paying a higher price for fake representations of these images. There is no end to what you can achieve with Golden King Deep Processor Radar.


Golden King Deep Processor Radar’s unique software and hardware provide a complete analysis of target signals. Every underground object has some level of surface effect on it which sometimes is so small for older and ordinary systems to detect. Golden King Deep Processor Radar allows you to analyze even the smallest details. You will experience the pleasure of having the most advanced technology at hand and you will be able to carry your searches and investigations without missing a clue.

Don’t forget, none of the competing systems process signals in real-time!


Golden King Deep Process Radar uses a camera system that can record in high-quality on land and underwater:
Caves filled with water, passages, tunnels, vaults, wells, seas or lakes... none of these tough environments will hold you back from your searches and nothing will stay out of your sight.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar employs a top-level data processing and imaging quality so with the help of DVD-quality images, you will never have to delay your searches and excavations again.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar system’s night-vision camera captures images in high quality up to 30 meters deep underwater, and in places where there is no sunlight.
Your camera comes with a 30mtrs. cable to provide ease of use at any desired depth. An underwater camera capable of recording down to 30mtrs.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar provides all these operations conveniently on a single system.
You can share your images with your friends or experts using instant replay and recording features on your system.
With your purchase of Golden King Deep Processor, you won’t only be getting the most advanced new generation radar in the world, but you will also finally start to enjoy searching in locations like seas and lakes, you will be observing spaces which are normally only be accessible by scuba diving

Gas Sensor

Another original feature from NOKTA ENGINEERING is the Golden King Deep Processor Radar’s GAS SENSOR function, this will greatly help protect you from toxic metal oxidation related gases and other natural underground gases that may be harmful to health when working in closed environments.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar’s warning system will notify you when gas levels in open or closed environments reaches dangerous levels.


  • Carrying Case
  • Leather carrying cover
  • Deep detection head case
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • Mobile charger


  • Unique Deep Processor Radar (DPR) System
  • Radar which can analyze the underground area in high resolution
  • Smart Detection System that controls all the movements of the user
  • 3D Real-time graphic signal processing
  • Easy use of both automatic and manual ground tuning options
  • Arm 9 base microprocessor, 12,800 times more non-volatile memory, and 150 times faster.
  • 7'' TFT 264000 colour monitor, DVD picture quality
  • Anti Glare and Sun mode which prevent effects from sun
  • Key pad produced with the multiple functions of backlight technology
  • 10 language options.
  • Excellent stereo sound quality, headphones with volume
  • Camera with night vision capable of recording both terrestrial and 30mtrs. under the water
  • 3D results and a capacity for saving the recorded videos
  • Gas sensor measuring the accumulated methane in closed areas
  • Operating manual menu with interactive animation
  • Menu with interactive signs and symbols
  • Easy to use menu system with a guide
  • Excellent design, maximum tolerance to humidity, water, cold temperatures and heat with a thermoset engineering plastic
  • Smart detector heads: General Search and Deep Search heads
  • Lithium-ion battery

Technical Features

º Golden King New Generation Radar and Smart Detector Heads can detect objects buried meters under the ground by sensing the magnetic changes on the surface even though the ground has been exposed to exterior intervention.

º Smart Head Detectors can detect the positive affect of any metal type with such a speed and precision that no other system is capable of doing so and notify its user the negative effects at the very same time.

º With its advanced ability of negative detection and evaluation, this system has surpassed the simple coil logics as it is capable of ignoring the negative affects by calculating any errors the user makes during his/her search.

º With this great technology, the capacity to sense positive effects has increased in development. In addition to this, our capacity to sense negative effects increased so much that you cannot find it in another system in the world.

º Let us bury a bracelet under meters under the ground which no other system can detect. The Golden King New Generation Radar can detect easily the hidden place of the bracelet with its detection and sensing ability.

º The Golden King New Generation Radar which can detect objects in very deep places, with its smart detector heads which can also detect non metallic objects without any limit on depth. You will own the only system which is capable of detecting both metal and non-metal objects.

º The sensing capacity of the Golden King New Generation Radar is not affected by an object of stone, marble, wood or plastic.

Golden King NGR Basic is the same as the DPR Plus version with all the features you will need for Treasure Hunting on land

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  • Systems Box: Contains all electronics with 7" TFT screen
  • General Detection Head 14"X17"
  • Electronic Shaft (Joystick)
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz
  • Includes USA adapter
  • Automotive Charger 12 Volts
  • Leather carrying harness for System Box

*Note: results may vary somewhat, based on your soil conditions actual metal target detected (size, shape, weight, and if gold or silver target contains other alloys.)

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Golden King DPR (Deep Penetrating Radar) Plus Includes everything you will need for Treasure Hunting on land or in the water

  • Systems Box: Contains all electronics with 7" TFT screen
  • Deep Search Head: Strong high-impact ABS non-twist plastic 24"X39"
  • General Detection Head Hi-Impact Non-Twist ABS plastic 14"X17"
  • Electronic Shaft (Joystick) with arm rest and stand.
  • Camera with full capacity for daytime and nighttime use to 100 Ft. (30Mt.)
  • Gas Sensor: Safety factor for Methane Gas in caves, Crevices, Tunnels, etc.
  • Headphones: Full Sound with volume control. Padded headband for comfort
  • Lithium-ion battery: Lighter, longer lasting performance
  • Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz
  • Includes USA adapter
  • Automotive Charger 12 Volts
  • Leather carrying harness for System Box
  • Cordura Nylon carrying bag, double zipper, reinforced carrying handle (For Deep Search Head)
  • Cordura Nylon carrying bag for all equipment

*Note: results may vary somewhat, based on your soil conditions actual metal target detected (size, shape, weight, and if gold or silver target contains other alloys.)

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