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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Combining power, ease of use and affordability, the Tracker IV offers you a choice of three different operating modes: motion all-metal; full discrimination; and tone discrimination. All modes are fully adjustable. Tracker IV includes a sensitivity meter, built-in speaker and headphone jack, low battery level indicator, and the waterproof BOUNTY D-Tech 8-inch search coil as standard.

The Tracker IV is a user-friendly machine, offering unbeatable value for money, yet delivering effective performance over a wide range of conditions and applications. Perfect for all ages.
Excellent build quality and streamlined in appearance, with only two operating controls and a mode selection switch, the Tracker IV has eliminated the two most difficult aspects of metal detector operation: Tuning and Ground Balancing. Both of these functions are automatic with the Tracker IV.
The Tracker IV will detect in extreme ground conditions from salt wet beaches to highly mineralised inland sites with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity. The Tracker IV has Full Discrimination, Tone Discrimination and All-Metal modes... all at the flick of a switch!

Tracker IV Features:

  • Dual Tone Discrimination
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Discriminate Adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Integral Stand
  • Meter System
  • Comfort Handle Grip
  • Interchangeable Coil
  • Internal Speaker System
  • Adjustable Coil Angle
  • 8-inch Open Face Waterproof Coil
  • 4- and 10-inch Accessory Search Coils optionally available

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