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Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II

Treasures that have been missed by generations and even missed by other detectors will not escape the penetrating power of the Sharp Shooter II. It's a genuine digital LCD readout metal detector at a surprisingly affordable price. It comes complete with easy to use touchpad control, and a versatile interchangeable coil system, utilising renowned BOUNTY D-Tech search coils (8" waterproof comes as standard). Sharp Shooter II includes three-tone audio discrimination, enabling the user to 'hear' different finds; selectable auto/manual notch level and automatic ground balance. But the features don't stop there, Sharp Shooter II includes an LCD battery indicator, ergonomic S-rod handle with stand, headphone jack and built in speaker.

The Sharp Shooter II detector was designed with exact specifications to fill the needs of the avid Treasure Hunter. The LCD readout will indicate the probable target ID of each target being detected. With an excellent recovery rate, easy operation, and lightweight, the Sharp Shooter II is truly a Treasure Hunter's dream.
The Sharp Shooter II combines ease of use with a visual reference that allows the user to determine what type of metal is being detected, whether silver or gold or lesser metals. Take aim at more treasure with the Sharp Shooter II!

Sharp Shooter II Features:

  • LCD Target Readout
  • Disc/Notch Control
  • Touchpad Selection
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Non-motion Pinpoint
  • Interchangeable Coils
  • 3-Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Headphone Socket
  • Comfort Handle Grip
  • Internal Speaker System
  • Adjustable Coil Angle
  • 'Low Battery' Alert
  • 8-inch Open Face Waterproof Coil


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